19 May 2009


i cannot believe it is nearly mid 2009. the first half of the year has been even more of a roller coaster than usual. it began in the middle of ashera madness in mombasa, followed by my fall off the bike and being out of action for a good 10 weeks (not to mention being in more pain than i thought possible), and then my brother and his family packing up their house and moving to india. on the sidelines of this is the juggling of work, physiotherapy, markaz, family and friends. phew. basically, it's been more than enough drama and upheaval to last me for the rest of this year and next. i want the coming six months to be absolutely quiet and peaceful- hmm, i wonder what the chances of that are?

there is so much i want time to process, time to just breathe and be. ironically, i also want more time to do so many things!! where is the pause button??