28 March 2016

good old email

i miss email. whatsapp has replaced most of my personal email communication. so, i wrote three lengthy (okay, they were not lengthy compared to the three page letters i used to write friends and family before the existence of email, but they are definitely lengthy compared to the three sentence whatsapp messages that are now the norm!!!) emails this morning to recapture that lost era.

long emails from my best friends while at uni were what kept me going.. my courtship with H largely took place over email and text messages. while the texts have long disappeared, the emails are still there..

whatsapp is great. it's quick, and immediate. it's great for sharing pictures and even voice messages. but all the angst and feeling that i could put into an email, is not there in a whatsapp message. even with all the fancy emoticons! ;)

so, i resolve to write at least a couple of emails a week again. my inbox needs to have more than just work stuff in it!

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08 March 2016


at lunch the other day, someone said they 'don't experiment when it comes to ridas, as colors other than blue or pink may not suit' them. i found this quite unusual- the idea of wearing only two colours, because others don't 'suit' you. i like colors. lots of colors. and i like ridas because they almost always have at least four colors in them. i have favourite colours sure, and a lot of time, by default, my wardrobe turns all green or blue. but i don't do this intentionally. i have never worn or not worn a color because of its suitability. i do this with make up (but again, do i not wear pink lipstick because i don't like pink, or because it really doesn't suit me?) but not anything else.. colors are there to make me feel better.. i wear my grey and pink rida when i am happy, when i want to be slightly dressed up, i wear my blue one when i have little energy to think about clothes, my red one is RED, and so forth.

on a separate note, i have heard this several times in india, that bright colours like yellow or red don't suit dark skinned complexions. similarly, white should also only be worn by the fairer complexioned. this is totally the opposite of what i grew up understanding about colours in hong kong -that fair skin looks good in darker shades, while darker skin is brightened by brighter colours. 

what's your take on colours?

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01 March 2016

the importance of girlfriends

i have read several blog posts and essays about the importance of girlfriends in a woman's life, but this one made me cry. probably because of the story of emily and her husband joe. and the line, 'how many women had friends who could write their husband's obituary?'

the article also noted that 'having great friends is largely a matter of being a great friend'. true. i am failing there methinks. i used to be a good friend. but now, my friends are too far away for me to do anything for them. and i am too tired and bogged down in my small little world. (which leads me to wonder upon the reason i have not been able to make a lot of new friends here..)

sigh. i have awesome friends around the world though, for which i am very very thankful. that they are not right here, totally sucks. but i am still glad they are there. that at one point in time, we were together.

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