03 May 2013

twins april

this has been an interesting month for you (and me!). while your vocab has increased to include 'ba ba', 'pa pa', 'ma ma' and 'abba', your babbling has also given way to screaming, which i am not so keen on. both of you scream till your face turns red and you need to cough. you have also learned to clap, which you do so sweetly and with such enthusiasm, that i cannot help but smile every time.

i am sad that i can no longer place you on the bed while i work, as now you simply want to grab and bang on my laptop, or suck the battery cord. you moved from the love of your parents' phones to their laptops quite quickly! 

you are so happy to see your abba in the evening. i love watching your faces light up, and watching the interplay between father and sons. when the doorbell rings, you both turn to look at the door; it is adorable.

you now happily position yourself into a crawling position, and even lift up your arms as if... well, that i don’t know! you then look at me as though something should be happening but isn’t.. you can lift yourself into a standing position too. both of you are quite mobile now, despite being unable to crawl, and i have to be so careful as to where i place you and what is in your reach. you are also very squirmy and active, and even in my arms and lap you never want to be still.

both of you have gotten the hang of drinking from your sippy cup. in fact, you love your sippy cups, your water and any bottles that you come across. you sit with us at meal times, but you are more interested in grabbing things than actually eating them. 

most importantly, this month you did mufaddal moula’s deedar while he was in kandivali, and got your sehras done, alhumdolillah :) apart from the masjid, you had quite a few outings recently, and overall they were quite successful. they require quite some preparation on my side, and carrying the two of you plus a huge diaper bag is taking its toll on my neck, shoulders and back, but the feel of you in my arms, your baby smell, and your smile quickly soothes any discomfort.