22 September 2009

random thoughts

i've wanted to write for the past week, but wasn't able to get my thoughts into any coherent form. as the writing bug hit again today, i decided to simply type up all my fragmented thoughts, regardless of how much (non)sense they make.

eid was good, but i am still sad that ramadan is over. so far, i have only managed to incorporate one miniscule part of my ramadan routine to daily life.. as the post-ramadan hours go by, i feel i am losing more and more of the good (habits, deeds, intentions) i painstakingly collected in that awesome month.

i miss poetry in my life. i should find a good collection to read (any recommendations?). i could even start writing some myself again.. i enjoy reading some people's tweets precisely because they read like poetry/haiku!

i found this sentence from awhile ago, and i liked its expression:
"i am happy with my life except for the guy situation, but that hole is too big for me to paper over with movies and stuff"
the person it was written to made no reply however, which is a bummer..

self censorship and blogging is an interesting issue, and one that moh's post brought back. i clearly remember how disturbed i was when my rida post was on the front page of planet bohra, resulting in removing my blog from there. the above para is something else i wouldn't want on pb.. it's like there is a particular group of people whom i do not want to read my blog, but they may already be reading it and i wouldn't know.. (as long as they don't tell me i guess it doesn't matter!)

there's a petition to repeal sri lanka's draconian terrorism law; please sign and circulate.

15 September 2009

just a few days left

there is less than a week left of ramadan, and i find myself a little sad. i have grown used to the routine of sihori, fajr namaz, being at work with an empty stomach (not hungry, just empty) and finally rushing off for magrib and iftar. amidst all the quran reciting, tasbeehs and extra namaz, i have been afloat on good wishes and positive vibes. i don't want to set my feet down so soon..

check out palace prayers (a unique take on art in ramadan) to buoy you up as well..