28 March 2016

good old email

i miss email. whatsapp has replaced most of my personal email communication. so, i wrote three lengthy (okay, they were not lengthy compared to the three page letters i used to write friends and family before the existence of email, but they are definitely lengthy compared to the three sentence whatsapp messages that are now the norm!!!) emails this morning to recapture that lost era.

long emails from my best friends while at uni were what kept me going.. my courtship with H largely took place over email and text messages. while the texts have long disappeared, the emails are still there..

whatsapp is great. it's quick, and immediate. it's great for sharing pictures and even voice messages. but all the angst and feeling that i could put into an email, is not there in a whatsapp message. even with all the fancy emoticons! ;)

so, i resolve to write at least a couple of emails a week again. my inbox needs to have more than just work stuff in it!

#microblog mondays


JustHeather said...

I understand that! I love Whatsapp, as that is the only way I can get my siblings to communicate regularly. :) I also have an ongoing group chat with 5 other friends and it has been wonderful to toss out something and get feedback. I think that would be harder in an email, as not everyone would read an entire email thread if it got too long. But, I definitely do miss longer emails at times.

Traci York said...

I haven't tried Whatsapp yet, but most of my communications through Messager and other social media is of the few sentences variety as well. I think your plan to send more emails is a wonderful one. Best of luck!