17 November 2007

mediums of expression

i had another go at grading assignments the other day, which included blog entries. the students had to write a blog for the duration of their internships, under the information management program. i was a tiny bit envious that these students, who spend much of their time on all manner of technical things that i cannot even name, were given the opportunity to use a different medium to express their thoughts.

my ONLY medium of expression is the written word. i wish i could draw, cook or build something as a way of expression. i feel like part of my brain is slowly wilting, without this other means of communication/creation. this could be related to the fact that for the past month, even writing (non work related) has not been all that appealing. suddenly, the journey of words from my head to the screen is too tedious, requires too much effort.

it may be time to start looking for art classes.. suggestions would be very welcome!


Zahra said...

pottery or ceramics! you can get your hands dirty and the colors of the glazes are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Start cooking and taste your creativity.