11 February 2008

my little mosque

the canadian sitcom, little mosque on the prairie, which i finally got around to watching, is a very cool show. the first such show about muslim life in the west, it manages to be funny without being offensive. this works as the characters are ready to poke fun at themselves. i enjoy the humor and the stories, but more than anything else, i enjoy being able to identify with the characters and their lives (obviously i am not referring to fred the radio host here). i came across a blog that seems to be centered around rayyan's clothing; and why not, with veiled role models/icons being thin on the ground.

the series also does a good job of being informative, which is always a good thing. (having said that, i wouldn't want anyone to think it was representative of all muslim communities).

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CK said...


Here's a link to an interview with the person. There were many issues around the representation, but even the writer didn't have too much say in the entire production - it's always a team effort.

I found it quite fun, too! :)