11 February 2009


it has been ten days since i have been removed from the real world: work, news, life. i havent been a very graceful invalid. the constant pain, headaches and low grade fever keep me cranky and tired. i know that i suffer from a minor (and temporary, inshallah) injury, for which i am thankful. this does not stop me from feeling sorry for myself though. i know people who function well even when they are not physically feeling one hundred per cent. if only i was one of them. (perhaps this will be incentive to take better care of my body in the future..)

ten days is not a long time. and yet, my hibernation so far has left me reluctant to go back outside. i dont want to shed my pajamas, look in the mirror or have a conversation about anything more complicated than my next meal. this stems from the days before i fell i suppose.. whatever the reason for the fall and injury (assuming there is one of course), i am sure it was not meant to cause further retreat.

it has taken me 35 mins to type the two above paras. time to reward myself with painkillers.


zaineb said...

oh you poor girl......... you should call me and ill type it for you hahah....

call me on sunday.. u dictate and ill type you a longer post .. haha

Pajama Girl said...

hi girl,

i hope someone is pampering you. pamper yourself if at all possible. ice cream, shocolada, chick flicks, and other (non)-guilty pleasures.

flowers too.

Anonymous said...

out of curiousity, what's schocolada? sounds interesting... Meryam- you never mentioned this--

Pajama Girl said...

it's chocolate - pronounced in my strange reworking of the arabic accent. :)