02 May 2010

life's first drafts

i came across a post on rewriting draft manuscripts the other day, and the following in particular struck me:

"It is in the rewrites that a book gets beautiful and worthy of anyone else's eyes but yours.

In some ways life is like that. When we first began communicating we babbled. When we first walked we staggered. Most of us study for the grades we get, practice the cuisines we have now perfected. Life is rife with first drafts, opportunities we refine and from which we grow.

...as with all things in life, the beauty is in the refining, the polishing until it shines like gold".

how true. and timely; i hate to admit it, but in many ways, i am something of a perfectionist. to the extent that i am reluctant to try things i may not immediately excel at.
i am about to begin several 'first drafts', (which will definitely not result in polished perfection) and it is reassuring to realize it is but natural that they will not be spectacular, but that eventually, with some work and practice, i will get there, inshallah.. i can even look forward to the journey!

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Pajama Girl said...

positive and uplifting :)