01 June 2010

the stuff of books

a few days ago, in random conversation, h brought up the fact that i used to copy memorable phrases and quotes from books into my journal -this simple act, while holding considerable importance to me, is one known only by a handful of people. h is perhaps the only family member to know this about me. i was quite taken aback that not only did he know, but he remembered. it felt nice.. perhaps more so because i have this irrational fear these days that the ME i know, will be left behind here and slowly drift into nothingness.. (clarifications in a future post!)

h then remarked that with all the books i read, i must have a trove of fascinating quotes stored in my head. if only! my memory is particularly poor when it comes to remembering phrases, lyrics, quotes. quite sad really. i recall telling the smartest girl in school about how wonderful 'the soong dynasty' by sterling seagrave was. her response: 'do you remember everything in all the books you read? no? then what's the point of reading them?!' many years later, many plots and characters have been long forgotten. this bothers me, but not enough to stop me from reading.. i wish i had a photographic memory, but i will make do with what i have; i will enjoy the moments of reading, the pleasure of acquainting myself with new worlds and friends, for however brief a time they stay with me.


Pajama Girl said...

sure you have a good memory, you of course remember the immensely quotable "you cannot purchase pigs in this music." :)

md said...

LOL. i love you pajama girl :)

Zahra said...

i copy quotes into a journal as well (and i think you know this about me), but even if i don't, or even if i forget the quote, it's not about that for me. it's about the fact that when i read a certain line, it moves me and it affects me and it changes me. and i move on from that quote, changed. and even if i don't retain the exact words in my brain, i retain the change forever.