21 September 2010

pretty girl

i loved my mitishitabi. i loved my clothes and my jewellery, and i loved the fact that getting dressed and putting on the make up was actually fun. i loved that everyone showed up, was happy for me, and told me i was a beautiful bride. (these are all quite uncommon experiences for me.)

it all went by so fast. i enjoyed every moment, but i wish it had lasted a little longer. i was sad to take off those pretty clothes and wash off the make up; it was such a wonderful experience, and i felt like i would never be that person, be that pretty again.

it was a wonderful start to being a bride, and i can only hope that the rest of the events go as well, inshallah! i'm not sure that dressing up in india will be that easy or argument free, but at least i will have this one day to look back upon in bliss :)


Pajama Girl said...

pictures. send me pictures! i missed it. I wish I'd seen you too.

".. i felt like i would never be that person, be that pretty again." you will, and i'll be there isA to see you and tell you what a pretty bride you make :)

md said...

inshallah! i'm excited to see you!! will send you pics :)