03 December 2010

november 29, 2010

i'm not sure whether i was looking forward more to nov 3 or nov 29 this year! i was very keen to blog about the 29th, more just to see the date on the blog than anything else perhaps! as fate would have it, i had no computer access that day, being on a surprise weekend trip with H to celebrate our joint birthday :)

one of my teenage fantasies was to marry a fellow saggitarian. i recall hours spent in the school library browsing through a huge almanac on zodiac signs.. the page regarding saggitarius couples was perhaps the most worn out!

not only is H a fellow saggitarian, but we actually have the same birthday- if only all my fantasies came alive so sweetly ;)

it was a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend; thank you H. and for H, thank you fate!

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Pajama Girl said...

you write so sweetly too :)