30 July 2013


as mentioned earlier, i enjoy cooking for the twins. this enjoyment has led me to try simple recipes for my own meals. simple means there is not so much room for disaster, plus, i figure if i keep doing it, i’m bound to get better. last night, i tweaked a thai basil sauce for minced meat by adding coconut milk to make it less spicy (and with more gravy). it totally worked, but i didn’t realize i should add more salt to compensate the dilution of the sauce (it’s ramadan, so no tasting while cooking; which is HARD!) i need to write this down somewhere, so i remember next time.

in fact, when i first got married, i had jotted down some recipes in a brand new journal.. i never tried them out however, and the journal is just gathering dust somewhere. now that cooking for the twins has given me the confidence to cook more adult meals, i am excited to try new things, tweak them as necessary, and write it all down for reference. (and, i admit, the idea of putting pen to gorgeous paper in a journal, also something i haven't done in VERY long, is just as tempting!) 

another nice thing about cooking for the twins, is that i can easily turn their recipes into adult meals -take the pumpkin risotto i made them a few days ago. not only does this save time, energy and ingredients, but it also means i get to eat a greater variety of food and cuisine! (the staple fare at home is quite different to what i am feeding the twins.) it is nice to have some control over what i eat..

how serendipitous (ok, maybe that is too dramatic a notion), that i am currently reading life from scratch, which is about the protagonist’s attempt to learn to cook and remake her life in the process :)

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