10 April 2015

the end of playgroup

today is the last day of playgroup for the twins. i am so sad. more sad because they have no idea.. they cannot comprehend that it is the end of an era, that the teachers and friends that they are so fond of, grew into, will no longer be a part of their daily routine.

as a kid, i hated the end of the school year. saying goodbye and change were not my strong suits. i see that it will not be any better this time around. in fact, it might be even worse, as now i will feel the angst on behalf of my boys. ugh.

the twins have come a long way since the start of playgroup.. i am sure they will (eventually) be fine in nursery come june, but.. my heart is still sore at the thought of them coming and asking me where their old teachers and friends are.

parenting is hard.

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