08 September 2015

the twins and memory

thankfully, the twins love reading and listening to stories. they love their picture books, and their story books. i may get bored of telling them the same story 50 gazillion times, but not them. i make up random, short anecdotes (aka stories) while feeding them, and they soak them up. to the extent that i can no longer miss out a single word, or replace it with another. if i don't say it in the exact same way that they remember, they scream and get upset. which makes me marvel at their memory.. they must have over 20 story books, all of which they seem to know by heart. and another 10 stories or so that i randomly made up for them.. i wonder at which point they will start forgetting stuff..

i pray quran surahs to them, and other qasidas, and they pick it all up so fast! they are like little sponges.. alhumdolillah! i wish that this ability of theirs to instantly remember stuff would last throughout school.. it would be so useful in learning history dates, the periodic table, etc etc :P

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Suzy said...

It is always so surprising to me when my children know what sentences come next when reading. :). Hopefully they can do that in school too!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

That may hold onto it. I'm reading a book right now that my son read, many months ago, and I read aloud a line, and he finished it. It wasn't even an important line in the book; it was just a throw-away thing that I was saying aloud.

Kids -- they always surprise you :-)