24 November 2015


after climbing into his school bus, m will turn around without fail, wave at me and say 'bye mumma', with the sweetest grin, before ambling off to his seat. his enthusiasm is infectious, and i always wave off the bus with a responding smile.. that moment always elicits an 'alhumdolillah for these two beautiful blessings in my life'.. the smile carries me home, until i am back to the grind.

this past weekend i realized that i would not be able to carry the twins for much longer. tall, their legs already reach my knees when they are in my arms. carrying them since birth, i cannot fathom what this means right now.. sure, all kids outgrow being carried, but i did not expect this moment to come so soon. i still have some time, and i will be more conscious about it.. if i could just pause time a little..

H and i have started taking sabaq (religious classes).. not only am i happy for myself, but i am excited to share this religious journey with my spouse. i see it as a way to grow, individually and as a couple. Getting closer to allah is surely the purpose of this life, and doing that together with my partner is bliss.



Anamika Agnihotri said...

Sending children off to school with smiles on the faces has to be the best thing in the world. Another best thing is to go through the religious and spiritual journey together with the spouse.
I am not able to find Google plus link on your blog. I think Google plus would serve to be useful in connecting with you and establishing a blogging relationship.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

That's sweet that you're doing the class together.

It's funny you wrote this because I was just thinking about this the other day. I can only carry the twins on my back now. Picking them up with my arms is too hard. I miss carrying them.