25 April 2016

wardrobe nostalgia

I was looking through old photos the other day, from before I got married and moved to India. Apart from all the other stuff, one thing that struck me was my total wardrobe change. I left most of my old ridas in hk before moving here (they were really quite old!). I am a keeper of things that I like –which includes clothes/ridas, shoes and bags. I still have one rida from nearly 15 years ago (is that even normal?!). so many of the ridas in the photos were with me in cairo, and then ahrc-hk. There were stories behind them, memories of outings and friends and places. 

Now I wish that I had kept a few more.. just to inhale all the memories and feelings of camaraderie and belonging and peace. Those ridas spanned two defining eras of my life –university and my first job. I will never have the same feelings about my clothes again.. moreover, the environment in India is not conducive to maintaining ridas for more than five years! (removing mud stains is practically impossible. And there is a lot of mud around, particularly during the monsoons, as well as traveling around. Same with grease.) 

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torthĂșil said...

It's crazy how clothes can absorb memories. I have items I don't wear anymore but will always keep for the memories (and some I do wear) and I have given away things after barely wearing them because I bought them at the wrong time and I couldn't stand the associations.

torthĂșil said...

(Nice blog background, by the way. Haha.)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Until I read this I didn't think about how much more sentimental I am about old clothes (especially from college) than I am about current stuff. But you kept some? Even if you don't wear them anymore?

Lori Shandle-Fox said...

Such a sweet sentimental tribute to your memories! Thanks! xo