10 May 2016


some things come with instructions. i really like instructions. i read them, and follow, and hey presto, something is working. i like recipes too, although i find that my end result does not always turn out the way it is supposed to/i expected it to.. but i still follow recipes, as i just don't think i could cook anything without a recipe at hand. i follow rules too. (which is quite a handicap living in india, the country where rules are only meant to be broken.)

is is thus very unfortunate that life, twins and relationships don't come along with their own detailed instructions. i know people who barely read through instruction manuals.. some of them just pass the task on to me. others read recipes for some background, and then proceed to create their own culinary wonder, without any hiccups or disasters. yet others seem to breeze through life, just knowing what to do in any given situation, how to deal with a particular set of circumstances.

given the lack of instructions, i read. i read on parenting, on twins, on marriage. i can't help but wonder though, how is it that i am so clueless, while other people are not?? 

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Anonymous said...

Not just you. I start every project, every recipe, every new toy by reading the instructions. Heck, I read book, movie, and music reviews before I commit to the media!

Lori Shandle-Fox said...

So who are all these other people who aren't clueless? I think some people are just better at showing a confident exterior. Occasionally I've asked these people: "How do you make it all look so easy?" They always look at me like they have no idea what I'm talking about. I babysat for years and years so I had plenty of experience with kids by the time my husband and I had ours at 42. We're still amazed that we never accidentally left them somewhere or fed them furniture polish.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

While I can play with recipes, everywhere else in life, I not only need instructions, but I only feel confident if I have instructions. Even if I know I know the information. So I hear you on this. I wish parenting twins came with an actual guide.

torthĂșil said...

I like recipes, because otherwise I worry about making something toxic or disgusting, which worries me. Otherwise though I'm one of those people who avoids instructions or directions most of the time, although as a teacher I spend a deal of time giving them. I haven't cracked open a parenting book since my daughter turned one, and only occasionally before that. I read articles and blogs, but more because I am curious about others, not because I want them to tell me what to do.

As for why I am this way, I think it has to do with not being very good at following instructions. I tend to look for the bigger picture and then fit the pieces in place. I get frustrated trying to think step by step. I have never liked being told what to do (it makes me rebellious, though I'm a very mellow person otherwise). Also I look at life challenges as a big experiment or art project. I expect these challenges to change and develop beyond my expectations, because I know my own limitations. None of this is to say I live without anxiety of occasional insecurity, but that's how I think. There are advantages and disadvantages I'm sure. You are probably better at making IKEA furniture :-)