12 July 2016

these are the days

just a few days ago, i told my favourite aunt, reminiscing about all the summers i used to spend with her in bangkok, that 'those were the days'. i spent most of my teenage summers there, and i was lucky that my flights to egypt were always enroute bangkok, so even my uni summers were partly spent there. in those days i had no idea that later on (now) international travel would no longer be so easy, that exchange rates, the cost of four plane tickets and different school schedules would largely nix getting out of india and meeting up with family around the world. sigh. those were the days.

then yesterday, i read this article about parenting, and how an old man commented to his wife, 'those were the days', when he saw the author with her young kids and husband. i constantly tell myself that all this craziness and busyness and tiredness will pass as my toddler twins get older. i know that all too soon they will not plead for 'one more' story to be read, they will not jump so happily into my lap for the millionth kiss and cuddle. i look through their baby pictures and videos and already find myself yearning for the days gone by -i cannot imagine how much more poignant the feelings will be ten years down the line. 

so yes, these ARE the days. while i wait for getting some time to myself again, wait for being able to have a meal in peace, go and watch a movie, go shopping!, i am mindful of the blessings of today. my boys are kids and i will enjoy this phase with them :)

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Mali said...

It's funny how we often look back and say "those were the days" when we rarely think that when we're living through them! Though I am envious of your summers in Bangkok. I lived in Bangkok for a year as an exchange student when I was 17-18, and subsequently for three years for work. I adore it. But these days, I don't get back as often as I want. Sigh. Those were the days.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

It's true -- it's so hard in the moment and so sweet to look back on it. Though the twins and I still read together just for the sake of reading together, so I still get "one more chapter!"

Lori Shandle-Fox said...

And there's somehow plenty of time to indulge in the little comforts for ourselves too if we make them a priority and don't wait for "some day". I'm so glad my husband takes millions of pictures of the kids because their "babyhood" is a total blur to me. People always say: "Enjoy it now. It goes so fast." You enjoy it, but it still flies by. I've mentioned this before: Every year on the first day of school the assistant principal says to my kids: "Look at the Foxes. Big (1st) graders (2nd) graders etc. That's all I remember from each year. The rest is a hurried blank... Thanks for the great memories from you childhood.. xo