05 March 2007


while reading the guardian, i came across an 'alternative' to wikipedia, conservapedia. according to the site, "Conservapedia is a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American... Conservapedia is an online resource and meeting place where we favor Christianity and America... You will much prefer using Conservapedia compared to Wikipedia if you want concise answers free of 'political correctness'."

from what i could tell, the anti-americanness comes from wikipedia's (alleged) preference of british spelling.. um, ok. so does 'political correctness' equate to anti-christianity??


CK said...

there's also another alternative wikipedia ;)


md said...

i couldn't access the site, and nor did it show up on google.. i know there are other islamic encyclopedias though; i.e. about islam..

CK said...

strange, how about this link: