02 March 2007

i not stupid

logically i understand there is no connection between intelligence and public speaking skills. since when however, did logic have to do with anything? i HATE the fact that i cannot speak. i don't know why my brain simply shuts down in those situations. take last night's debate for instance. i couldn't even coherently read the words on the paper in front of me. to make things worse, when the floor was opened for questions, all i could do was stare blankly. what? american foreign policy? what would that be? jee-ez.

my classmates (and professors) must think i am a total idiot. nowadays i am embarassed to go to class. paranoia is starting to kick in, and i imagine that everyone is smirking at me. that this is why i have no friends.

this is all insane. i am not 18 anymore. i HAVE to get over this. how though?


Mohammed said...

Deep Breath.

You're definitely not dumb, and you're probably a better public speaker then you think you are.

Could I ask how much pre-speaking preparation you do? How often, if at all, do you rehearse what you're going to say, think through potential questions and plan answers for them?

I find that, even though I really enjoy public speaking, I absolutely would not be able to do it without going through those intermediate steps. Perhaps they'll be off some use to you.

zaineb said...

People say that some are born public-speakers. However, i don't believe that.

Public speaking can be trained and developed.

All you got to do is role-play with yourself a thousand times before and then it'll be fine, cuz even if you're scared. you've done it so many times.

i'm a really shy person and i hate speaking in public, but i know i still got to have the skills and train myself

because one day what if i gotta defend women's rights and no one stands up to speak. then

Meryam , the world will be relying on you !

Just imagine this critical scenario and practice now for the future.

Be prepared!

P.s. we'll chat more next time i see you

You can do it , i know you can!
btw- im your friend!`~

md said...

moh and zaineb, you both mentioned preparation -i have to admit i rarely prepare, for the simple reason that that would freak me out; being in denial is much better for my blood pressure. even if it does nothing for my speaking. sigh. but yes, preparation seems a sensible place to start..

irene said...

meryam, don't be silly - what happened to you in those debates is so normal that if you managed to live your life without experiencing such a situation at least once, i would definitely worry about you. and yes, it all comes with experience. at least you did not forget simple words (something that happened to me 2 years ago when i was being interviewed for one of the programmes ON TV!!!)