18 June 2007

city girl

four days of living in huts on a beach brought home very forcefully how much of a city girl i am. for the first time, i saw swarms of crabs on the sand at night, and yes, i screamed when one got too close to my foot. i spent all day outside; working, eating and chatting all happened in the sweltering heat. it is in fact possible to get work done without air conditioning. the heat did not however, warm up the water in the shower, and so i got used to washing my hair with cold water.

what i was not able to do as well as i would have wanted, was to relax and be less self conscious. the people around me were just at ease discussing human rights issues as they were doing group stretching exercises or playing in the water. i on the other hand, felt out of my element without my computer, internet access and an office, within which i was aware of the rules and etiquette.

four lifetimes indeed.

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