16 June 2007

sex and the ummah

i came across this column by mohja kahf recently, and am not sure what i make of it. i read an interview with kahf about the column, which was much more interesting and well written than the column itself. perhaps a case of the principle/idea being better than the actual product. in other words, breaking away from the notion that sex is an illicit and taboo practice (and topic of conversation) in islam is appealing, but frankly discussing sexual topics is a little distasteful. i am not sure if the distaste comes from the poorly written 'erotic' stories in the column, or whether i would find all such writing distasteful.. and perhaps i don't really want to know!

both the idea and the column intrigued me however, and reading the various debates regarding the issue showed me a muslim community i was unaware of. i would love to know what fellow muslims think of this..

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