03 September 2007

a day in shenzhen

the more time i spend in shenzhen, the more i enjoy it. a large part of this has to do with novelty i'm sure; it is always fun to explore new places, and so far, every time i've visited, it's been to a new place. and with different groups of people!

two things that strike me the most when i'm there, are the vast amount of space and the wonderful greenery. this is probably not what first comes to mind when you think of shenzhen, which just makes it all the more wonderful.

yesterday's visit yielded yet another wonder: it is indeed a shopper's paradise (or obstacle course-cum-maze) and everything is SO cheap. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

all in all, it's a fun place to go off to for the weekend or even a day. it is so easily accessible now, and if i drag h with me, language is no longer a problem. my only complaint is the weird smell that seems to permeate certain areas of the city...

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