15 September 2007

starvation deaths

on september 3, the district magistrate of varanasi, uttar pradesh was made aware of the plight facing alina sahin, an 18-month baby girl, who was severely malnourished. prior to that, alina had been taken by her sister to the local medical and child care clinic, which is meant to provide food and care to the children of poor families. the nurse on duty reportedly assaulted alina's sister instead of providing assistance.

by september 14, alina had died from starvation and malnutrition. alina is merely one of the thousands of children dying in india from a lack of food. india is not facing any food shortages; the problem lies in distribution and systemic neglect. how many more alinas will die before things change?

please work towards this change by voicing your concern to the relevant authorities here.

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Imran said...

is that child that passed away the child in the picture?
god rest its soul