27 June 2008

thousand islands

a few days ago i visited the thousand islands, which is an archipelago of over 1000 islands located in the st. lawrence river, canada. some of the islands are in american waters; new york. most of the islands are pretty small, with single houses built on them. one of the bigger islands has a wonderful castle built on it. all the architecture was wonderful and quaint; a lot of time was spent discussing our own preferences and ideal designs :P i meant to upload some photos as well, but sorting them all out is taking longer than anticipated.

the most amusing moment of the trip was when our guide mentioned that the infamous thousand island salad dressing (which was a staple part of my childhood diet, particularly in pizza hut) was named after these beautiful islands. ra, fb and myself doubled over in laughter. how surreal, for this ordinary bottled dressing, regularly consumed halfway across the world (and in many other places i'm sure) to have originated from this beautiful scene.

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