29 May 2008

when the system isn't working

the following two stories speak to the absurdities of bad governance.

in burma, naval officers and seamen have been detained for abandoning ship mid-cyclone:

“Twenty-three men from those on vessel duty at Thilawar, including officers, have been detained at the Irrawaddy Naval Headquarters. It’s understood that they’re to be charged with abandoning ship. I know that some of them have been kept under house arrest. In the fierce storm some went ashore and took to high ground. Some also disappeared. It’s not known if they disappeared in the water or if they deserted and didn’t send word.”

meanwhile, in bangladesh, a frustrated high court bench of the country's Supreme Court suggested an apellant seek bail from Allah; since emergency rule was imposed in january 2007, the court has been barred from entertaining bail petitions.

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