27 May 2008

shopping therapy

it's very strange, but lately i have started shopping when i'm feeling down, or even if i have nothing else to do. i never understood how shopping could make people feel better... no, to be more accurate, i didn't see why people would want to GO shopping when they were depressed. i still don't get it, but hey, i'm glad it's working.

it started some months ago with an unhappy confrontation at work, to escape which i went down to langham place and bought some lipstick (yes, i can see the raised eyebrows; no comments please!) i wonder if i saw the film 'priceless' at around the same time--that film definitely made me want to shop. either way, since then i've been on a roll. not that i'm throwing money around or anything (what money?!), but i suddenly
like the idea of buying new things for myself.

as ksa said, it's better (and cheaper) than indulging in alcohol!


ricky.gunawan said...

"...with an unhappy confrontation at work..." hmmm, quite strange for a person like you could happen in an unhappy confrontation..

"...down to langham place and boughtsome lipstick..." hmmm, and this one even makes it even strange.. lol

Pakistan Affairs Desk said...

Shopping therapy works, even for men.
But like all quick fixes, it is not without cost.
1. cost. things you buy are not free, and can often the cost more than a stiff drink or fat joint.
2. the burden of possessions. this is a big one for me. every thing i own weighs me down, and eats into my freedom
3. waste. stuff needs to be thrown away of "donated" for all the new stuff that comes in
4. global impact. consumerism, environmental destruction
5. guilt. there is a hangover. the pick me up is quick to wear off

In the end shopping is a pretty harmless pick me up. I try to steer my life towards those that are even less harmful; like a run or walk, a breathing meditation, a visit with a friend etc.

PS. I followed cursor.org here about musharraf's speech