15 May 2008

donations for burma

despite all calls to postpone the referendum in the wake of cyclone nargis, burma's military proposed constitution has now been approved, with a reported 99% turn out. this is while an estimated 2.5 million citizens are struggling to find clean water, food and shelter for survival. some of these are being turned away from public buildings designated as polling stations for the referendum on may 24 (postponed only in certain affected areas). what a sham.

while the burmese military continues to prevaricate and resist opening its doors to international aid, local groups and individuals are attempting to overstretch their limited resources and assist their fellow citizens as much as possible.

"Among those doing this work, many are ordinary local people and civic groups in places where survivors have been relocated who have gathered together their money and goods to help as best as they can. People from religious groups of all persuasions are also actively involved. Others are famous actors who have some financial security and a concern for the wellbeing of their fellow citizens. And some are members of human rights networks who have at this time put aside their ordinary activities to concentrate on the cyclone recovery effort.

The Asian Human Rights Commission is in contact with some of these persons and in view of the dramatic delay in assistance from abroad and continued restrictions on what is getting in, has recognised the urgent need for continued support for these people and groups until the situation changes. Therefore, it is now accepting donations on their behalf. Money received can be forwarded within the same day. Unfortunately, for the safety of recipients the AHRC is not able to reveal their details publicly; however, for financial purposes some information can be given to credible institutional donors and those known to the AHRC upon request."

To donate online, click here. For other methods, see here.

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