02 April 2009

muslim journeys towards love

i stumbled upon these two books today, which piqued my attention: catch a fish from the sea (using the internet) by nasreen akhtar, and love in a headscarf by shelina janmohammed. written by british muslim women, both books are about finding a partner outside the traditional set ups. they seem funny and refreshing.

if anyone has read them, do let me know your thoughts.. i'm going to have to get them off amazon, as neither the public libraries nor hku have them, and i assume most bookstores here won't stock them either..

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Kay Mehmood said...

Our fabulous and highly acclaimed title, the first memoir of its kind to have been published by a British Muslim female: Catch a Fish from the Sea (Using the Internet) by Nasreen Akhtar is THE Book to Talk About 2009.

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Kay Mehmood, Publisher PA, greenbirds.co.uk