24 June 2009

living in the now

this week's scmp sunday magazine has an interview with eckhart tolle, who said a few things that got me thinking. he said the present moment is usually seen as an obstacle to overcome, which is a crazy way to live since now is the only real moment you have. how true. and sad. (note to self: enjoy all moments hereupon!)

he also said that while everyone's life situation had pressures and conflicts, you must ask yourself whether at this very moment you have a problem. the answer for me--at this moment--would be no. but i feel a sense of denial or escapism here.. just recently, i was asked a question to which i replied, "i simply do not want to think about it right now." this prompted the response that i would have to address the issue at some point; the more i ran away from it, the more it would run after me. which is also true. so then, how is a balance found between the two?!

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