18 June 2009

people i meet

several of the blogs that i usually read have been on a hiatus for some time now. as i was mourning my daily post intake, i came across the 'people i meet' blog, which is awesome, and very inspiring.

what a great idea, to write about people you meet: whoever said 'the world is your classroom and the people your teachers,' had it right. even if we get so caught up in ourselves that we sometimes forget this.

in the past two days, i have tried to be more open, and pay more attention to, the people i interact with. needless to say, even though it takes up more time, it is definitely rewarding and educational. i'm sure i will get tired at some point, and revert to old habits however :p

thank you for the author of 'people i meet'!


fatnurmaz said...

Thanks for the shoutout, I'm glad you like the blog!

Pajama Girl said...

nice blog :)

i want to write soon too.. it's a good idea 'people we meet' at least for a post :) or a couple :)

md said...

speaking of people met, i just started reading 'ladies coupe' by anita nair. it's about a train journey taken by a woman, and the ladies she meets in her compartment :)