20 July 2009

happy day

there was this one awesome day last week, when everything went well, ilhumdolillah! it started out with a short but animated chat with z, whom i hadn't chatted with in forever. the rest of the day flew by in useful discussions and brainstorming sessions for ongoing/future projects on torture, corruption and other fascinating stuff. even lunch that day was particularly enjoyable -homemade chow mien! to end the day, i went to a mitishitabi (girls' party), where both the food and conversation were fun.

so, recap: intellectual stimulation, hanging out (both virtual and physical) with friends and good food made a wonderful day!

i would wish that all my days were that great, but that would be asking for the impossible. there are usually moments of happiness in each day, but to have an entire day of happiness was bliss :)

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Pajama Girl said...

no reezone zeez eez no pozzeeball! :)