04 May 2011

lessons learnt? nil.

i read this post at zen habits the other day, about life lessons learnt. and i got to thinking, what have i learnt in my three decades in this world? i mean, really learnt, through experience, not just principles or platitudes that i've read and agreed with. the sad answer, is very little. what does that tell me about my life, my experiences?

in fact, at this particular point of my life journey, i am constantly faced with how little i know about anything, how ill equipped i am for so many things, how few useful skills i have (i am a terrible cook, i cannot speak or read the languages dominant here, i know nothing about the dynamics of life within large, extroverted families, my innate shyness and respect for rules is an obstacle to pretty much everything here, and i am clueless as to how to get rid of so much dust. i could go on, but i will desist).

where once i was a well read, well informed working professional, with various multicultural experiences under her rida, able to converse in more than two languages, friends and family in several continents, i am now a susceptible foreigner, clueless and friendless . oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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Pajama Girl said...

M, you are not clueless. The key word in your post is 'here'. You don't know much about where you are at, but you know enough, and to some looking on, you seem to be doing perfectly well.

One another note, thought I'd share the lyrics of this song. Someone feels like just you do.

and nice song too, here on youtube