10 May 2011

waiting for closure

where did you go, why did you leave?
now only emptiness remains
and so many unanswered questions

all the hopes and dreams you encompassed,
lie shattered,
i cannot even begin to pick up the pieces
everywhere i look, the glass shards reflect your image
or perhaps my tears blur everything but your face,
your small body, your fingers grasping mine

from where sabr will come, i cannot imagine
i will wait for it though; what else can I do
you are gone
and my arms are empty

you must be in a better place
where the sun is always shining,
where there is no room for pain and destruction,
where love and light make flowers bloom eternally

but here, where i sit,
there is no sun, no light
only your face illuminates the clouds around my heart

i hold your toys and rock myself to numbness
i wait for sabr, for closure

i wait

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