26 September 2011

catch up

it’s been over a month since I last wrote! I was lucky enough to be home for a month, and I thought I would have much food and time for blogging–what a crazy idea! the time flew by in the blink of an eye, and I am left wondering whether it was all just a beautiful dream.

it was wonderful to see my parents again, to live under their roof, to soak in their essence. I will never forget the wonder and joy on their faces when they saw me (it was a surprise visit); what I wouldn’t give to go back and capture that moment on video! a few days after returning, I came across this poem, ‘who am I, dad?’ which touched me..

I have books to read! 'in spite of the gods' by edward luce has been an informative and thoroughly enjoyable read, and I’m now getting into ‘a week in december’ by sebastian faulks, which promises to be as earthy and engaging fiction as I need right now. I put away muriel barberry’s ‘the elegance of the hedgehog’ for when I am ready for more intellectual, slightly elusive, prose.

in my last post, I noted my inability to truly focus on the present. I recently came across a post
with tips on practicing mindfulness – I’m going to try them out!

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