22 November 2011

november end

gosh, where did the month go? i was doing so well with the writing last month, and then suddenly an entire month has gone by with no posts! it’s not that i didn’t want to write-in fact, several anniversary markers went by, and i had great intentions to write about them (on the blog and in H’s journal).. but of course, the intentions remained just that, intentions. sigh. i wrote before about distractions getting the better of me at times, and i guess this still applies. when will i become more disciplined, more focused, ya rab?!

anyways, enough rambling. i cannot rewind and write those posts now, so i will just share a few other things here:

i read a wonderfully cute anniversary post by mel. it is such a sweet, ordinary story, but so heartening and inspiring. it captures their two characters and their relationship so well. i would love to be able to share something like that..


tomorrow, november 23, is the launch of the international day to end impunity. check out the interesting website, which features stories of writers and freedom of expression advocates who were killed for speaking out, reporting the truth.

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