13 January 2012

come say hi!

it is apparently, international blog delurking week -this means that those of you who’ve been reading in silence are encouraged to voice out your presence. why? simply because i’d like to know WHO my readers are :). so please, if you’re reading, take an additional few minutes to say hi and introduce yourself. cheers!


Smiths.. said...
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Smiths.. said...

Hi MD ..Smiths this side .. I have been reading ur blogs for quite sometime now ..on various issues ..social, human tendencies and behaviours, philosophical..U cover almost everything with lots of clarity. Whatever u write about life (philosophy) can be easily related to. All I can say is that u are a skilled writer & I appreciate ur interest for the same. We have so many thoughts running on our minds but to be able to express it so clearly is indeed a great talent and skill which u possess.. Wish I cud write as good as u ..Wish I had the treasure of vocabs and also the passion for writing that u possess.Carry on the good work & I will continue reading ur blogs :)
Cheers! Smiths..

md said...

thank you for your kind words, smiths! nice to 'meet' you, and look forward to reading more of your comments :)