12 January 2012

india: rape and clothing

when i first read of andhra pradesh deputy general of police’s comments regarding women’s clothing being an invitation to rape, i was disgusted, but not particularly surprised. the comments responding to the times of india article perhaps surprised me more -who were all these people agreeing with reddy’s comments, and which planet do they come from?

logic is clearly beyond such people, and there is no point in telling them that studies have found that rape has nothing to do with clothing or desire, but is all about control and violence. rapists do not rape women because they are wearing ‘provocative’ clothing that ‘tempts’ them, but because they are sick and need to prove some kind of control over them.

there is similarly no point in asking them to explain why young children, elderly women or women wearing burkas are being raped in india, or how the culture of rural women wearing saris without blouses is more ‘modest’ and ‘appropriate’ than other types of clothing.

i was heartened today however, when i read a kick-ass article by an indian male on the issue, and i had to share it. it is SO worth a read. if only more indian men thought this way.

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Smiths.. said...

Totally agree wid u in this ..India is still a male dominated place..full of MCP's where they will never ever admit to their pervertness, their sick mentality & attitude towards women. Most of the men here see women as mere sex objects ..Females are only meant to do all the work, household chores, deliver babies and raise them, take care of them ..A woman cannot do anything that pleases her, she cannot have her "me-time", her space and her freedom to wear what she likes ..such perverts like reddy then come to pass their stinking comments..