13 December 2012

a space of my own

i’m back! and it feels great. logging on to blogger felt like opening the door to my childhood room.. the template may be dated, but it’s home. this is my space, my corner of the vast universe where i can say what i want, where i can vent, where i can articulate and share and organize all those random jumbled thoughts running through my head at any given moment.

i write largely for myself, but always knowing that i have a small audience reading.. so yes, i write for them too. that doesn’t change what i write, perhaps just how i write it.

home is where the heart is
and my heart is filled with ink,
waiting to be spilt
in patterns and designs that share my soul with yours

i started this blog as a way to help me articulate, get over my fear of public speaking.. since then, it has become much more like a journal, a room for me to live in on my own, amidst all my thoughs ad words. it also became one room amongst many others, where a few travellers would come and pause, and perhaps share their journey with me. i found several online communities through blogging, for which i will always be thankful.

here’s to more writing, reading and sharing!

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