23 January 2013

table of hope

i really liked the idea behind joey velasco’s painting, ‘table of hope’, which is a wonderful twist to the original 'Last Supper' painting, as well as his documentary on the painting, the models and the inspiration.

while velasco’s inspiration for the painting came from his own children,

“who were being picky about their food; “So, I thought of providing them with a visual reminder, strong and challenging, of their blessings of life and to appreciate what was on the table.” Velasco went to different squatter areas of Manila to seek his models, where he fed the children noodles and juice, and took their photos unnoticed. When his painting was complete, he hung it on his dining room wall.”
 the inspiration for his documentary, 'Canvas of Society', came from the malnourished children of the painting:
“The subjects of my painting were observing me. I could no longer escape them. They became missionaries to me, and took me on a spiritual journey.”
you can view the documentary here and here, and read my review of it here.

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