14 November 2006

time to step up?

i saw the movie step up a few days ago. it was fun, with good music and dance sequences. in the same mould as many other movies, but still enjoyable.

as i walked out of the cinema, i could not remember the last time i had worked as hard as the characters in the film, to achieve something (hifzing the 30th separa? a-levels?). my dad was always amused by my high school reports, all of which inevitably stated that i was 'a very hard working student'. he would always say, imagine if you really were to work hard... at auc as well, several friends would tell me to stop 'slacking' and be more disciplined (ugh).

i have usually managed to get by in whatever i'm doing with an average amount of effort. there are definitely some things that require much more effort, but i usually tell myself that those are beyond my capabilities. plus, putting in that much effort also means giving up other things. i have never been willing to do that. i would rather enjoy many different things, than work on one thing consistently.

the idea of being intensely focused on one thing is appealing right now. it might be time to stop cruising, and to really step up!


Mohammed Talib said...

There is no substitute in the world, for industriousness. There are no short cuts, no quick paths, no untroubled glades by which to circumvent this most demanding edict. Intelligence is unhelpful; unsuccessful genius is almost a proverb, wealth is no panacea; squandered wealth is also a proverb, and wisdom is a resource unavailing; the poor and wise are cliché in many stories.

- Something I wrote a long time ago, and have forgotten myself.

zaineb said...

Its surprisingly easy, exciting and excilerating to work hard

WHEN you're working on something you Love to do ~~~

dance movies recommended:
Innocent Steps (Korean)
Take the lead (Hollywd)

md said...

thanks for the movie recs zaineb :)i enjoyed take the lead, but haven't seen the korean one..

zaineb said...

one more- can't believe i forgot the best one!