25 November 2006

tired eyes

it is the second last week of term, and typically, i have way more things to get done than you would think possible. all i seem to be doing is reading--words on paper or words on a screen. my eyes are complaining. i cannot wait till this is all over and i can go stare at some blue water or green mountains. just the thought is so soothing.. aaaaggghhhh, i want to go NOW.

i have been snacking on mint m&ms, and i need the equivalent for my eyes..


CK said...

not that this will help, but i posted recently!

and also may not help the eyes, but this might help cheer.


Mohammed Talib said...

So close to the end of the tunnel, I'm sure you can overcome. I'd offer to swap workloads, but I'd definitely be getting the worst out of that bargain.

I also endorse the suggestion of Scrubs as the solution to all happiness problems in life. Well the minor ones at any rate.