07 April 2007

mystic india

i went to see this omnimax film at the hk space museum today. i have to say that i was quite disappointed. it was supposed to be an inspiring story of 'unity in diversity'. the film mentioned that india is home to a multitude of cultures and a surprising 18 languages; if indians can live in harmony, so can the world. and yet, there were few christians, muslims or dalits depicted. similarly, there was no mention of the periodic communal violence that india is home to.

the film was scene after scene of breathtaking scenery and stunning architecture; meditation chants and colourful festivals. no scenes of poverty or pollution. no expressions of misery or sickness.

i hope no one left thinking they were seeing the 'real' india.

UPDATE: Check out this article on how Indian love affairs highlight the durability of class and religious divides..

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zaineb said...

okkk my fault
that was just BAAAD bADDD BADDD
ok yea but the day after made up for it so that's kewl...
but seriously, while i was sitting there, i was like.. ok if i see one my monument in the trees and ppl in different colours screaming....

im gone...