17 April 2007

statistics made interesting

a classmate introduced me to this great 20-min video on world development statistics. the data is actually fascinating, the graphs are interactive and colorful and hans rosling, the guy making the presentation, is passionate about his statistics and what they tell you about the world!

the video is produced by
gapminder, a non profit venture to develop free software that is able to make use of human development statistics in a fun and user friendly way. check it out!


Mohammed said...

I watched that a few day ago, and I was struck by how interesting he made what could potentially be such a dull presentation come alive.

And the software itself is pretty awesome.

md said...

i know! do i seem like a stats kind of person?!! (the correct answer is no.) and yet, i was engrossed the entire time.

how do we go about getting him to teach at hku??!