15 April 2007

this story or that?

sometime ago, a friend got me thinking about stories from the quran. i recollected my favourite riwayats from madressa, as well as the ones i've picked up since then. the idea of having 'favourites' in a religious sense is interesting. of all the stories i have ever heard, certain ones resonated more than others. and they are the ones that i look to for comfort or guidance.

if we all pick and choose our religious markers in this way, be they stories, tasbeehs or principles, religion (and/or faith) becomes more subjective than i am comfortable with..


Mohammed said...

" ...becomes more subjective than i am comfortable with.."

Why? What makes it uncomfortable?

zaineb said...

not really favourtism.... just more inclined towards certain stories or things...
i guess it's just character, personality and commonality... nothing bad..... as long as you don't forget the importance of the others-----

(all zaineb's personal opinion ..ahhahahah..)

Mar said...

I agree with Zaineb. I mean, I definitely have my fav's. But they are probably because I can relate to them on some super subconcious level. Or maybe I cannot relate to them at all, which might make them outstanding to me. But I agree, that as long as you don't doubt the power of the history as a whole, what's the harm?