26 April 2010

potential writing

related to writing more and using new vocab, a close friend last night was enthusiastic about the potential writing inspiration living in india would offer me. of all the comments people have made about my eventual relocation, this was one of the nicest, and most unique :)

it reminded me of conversations with fellow cairene residents, of how the multitude of our crazy and unusual experiences in eygpt would make for fascinating reads, were we to ever pen them down..

indeed, the prospect of so much food for thought and writing is quite exciting! (what actually happens then is irrelevant at the moment.. ;)

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Zahra said...

yes, hopefully the inspiration that comes from being in a new place lasts- whenever i've lived abroad or even traveled abroad, i have felt that excitement that comes with having so, so much to write- and although i began to take the place for granted a little, i was still about to see it with a fresher lens than i wear in chicago....