07 March 2011

monday grace

1. second hand book sellers. i’ve been mourning hk’s awesome public libraries, where i could so easily satisfy my book addiction (for free!), as well as spend hours lounging on comfy chairs/sofas. no such libraries seem to exist here in mumbai, which has led me to frequent crossword, a chain bookstore (the equivalent of dymocks perhaps..). books here are expensive (as they are in hk), particularly the ones I want to read. (and no, corner book sellers don’t sell anything more than popular fiction.) so i was thrilled to find these wonderful book sellers at fountain, where there are feet high stacks of books. i still couldn’t find david mitchell or audrey niffenegger, but I did find jhumpa lahiri, vikas swarup, vikram chandra and many more.

even better: i can return the books when I’m done and get a 50 percent refund! oh bliss!

2. holiday planning. H and i are going on a week long vacation, and it’s fun to plan and pack and wonder. the last time i planned (and went on) a holiday was oct 2009, to south korea, which was awesome. may this be even better inshallah (and lead to more fruitful blogging)! oh, the excitement!

3. reconnecting. i recently reconnected with someone from my auc life on facebook, and it was nice. once again, I am thankful for the communication means available to us today; no matter anything else, I would rather have the option of glimpsing their life from pictures, status updates, shared links and comments, than not.

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