28 March 2011

monday grace

1. milad e maevi. to witness moula's 100th milad is beyond awesome. to be here in bombay, to do deedar -alhumdolillah!

2. 'bloom where you are planted'. i read this quote (amidst a beautiful post) some time ago, and was struck by its beauty, as well as its difficulty (for me). but yesterday, reading the post 'other people's problems' reminded me of the quran ayat, 'on no soul does allah place a greater burden than it can bear'. that being the case, i can in fact, bloom where i am planted. i can find beauty in adversity, i can enjoy the roses with their thorns. i can i can i can :)

3. fajr namaz. H and i have been waking up for fajr namaz for a little over a week, yay! after every ramadan, i would tell myself that i will continue waking up to pray fajr. of course, i would consistently fail to do so. i thought i would wait for the 40-day mark before a virtual pat on the back, but i couldn't resist!
(inshallah, we'll make the 40-day mark, which will entail a further pat/post!)

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