28 March 2011

travel diary

agra-delhi-manali, 8-15 march 2011

yes, this post is a tad overdue, but that's okay. in ck's words, i've been mulling a little!

it was a wonderful holiday. there was lots of history to keep me fascinated, enough walking to make up for four months of sedentary life, cold and snow and my winter wardrobe (unpacked after over a year) to soften the pressure of this crazy heat (it's march and temperatures are already soaring over 30 degrees celsius, ugh), entire constellations of stars in a clear black sky, and lots of yummy food (including steamed dumplings and apple pancakes, ahhhh).

our backpacks (and perhaps H's bright red, 'lost in hk' tshirt) led all kinds of people to think we were foreigners, which amused me to no end, but caused H some grief and puzzlement.

being away from our usual routine and daily pressures was bliss. it was nice to while away our days sightseeing, wake up late, not worry about family waiting for us, chat about shahjahan and movies and food and everything but bills, family and home repairs!

travelling is good for the soul, and it was good for us -to just be together, to recall our 'dating' days, to wander, hand in hand, in our own world.

coming back to bombay was more of a reality shock than i expected. the magic disappeared before i even had a chance to blink. sigh. oh well. until the next holiday, i will browse through the photos and smile at the memories.

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